The Amazon Smile program diverts half a percent of the money Amazon makes from you to a charity of your choice, from a list of over a million registered 501c3 nonprofits. All you have to do is go to and shop as normal. No difference in prices or availability, no extra fees. The donations come from Amazon’s side of the transaction. You can see whether a product is eligible to generate a donation right on the product page. Almost everything on Amazon is eligible for this program and will generate a donation. This is a way for anyone with a Prime membership to donate to a deserving charity without costing you any money. You can monitor your donations and switch to other charities at any time.

 Kokonut Koalition is registered with Amazon Smile, so you can use your regular Amazon purchases to donate to us at no extra cost to you. Go to, click on the Smile Program box in the top left and “choose” or “change” your charity recipient. Search for “kokonut koalition” or our federal EIN number (83-2744071). We are an IRS-recognized nonprofit organization, listed as a Silver-level charity with GuideStar, and registered as a charity with the State of Hawaii. If you use a tablet or phone app for your Amazon purchases, you need to turn on the smile function and register Kokonut Koalition as your charity there, too.

As a community, everyone in Hawaii should be using Amazon Smile - directing donations back to our local nonprofits. Using conservative estimates, the 312,000 households in all of Oahu might be spending $262 million each year on Amazon Prime purchases. If those purchases were routed through Amazon Smile, it would dedicate $1.3 million in annual charitable donations. More details here.


Video Tutorial for Signup



 BONUS: In addition to the totally free donations you can make by shopping with Amazon Smile, Kokonut Koalition also has a wishlist of supplies and tools that you can search for on Amazon. That’s yet another way to support this worthy cause.